Streamlined Procurement

All of our many products are warehoused together allowing for a one stop shop streamlined procurement process.  This then allows for one small freight minimum to be met, one truck to unload, and one invoice to pay.


Better Fill Rates

All orders are processed, acknowledged, picked, packed, double checked for accuracy and then shipped on our exclusive fleet of trucks within 1 to 3 days from order placement.  We fax both priced acknowledgements as well as your copy of the packing slip showing fill rate detail prior to each shipment.  Fill rates far exceed industry standards but should we have a backorder it is generally delivered within a week.


Customer Service

Our customer service personnel have 75+ years of combined experience.  They are “the best of the best” and they know what it takes to keep you happy and coming back.


Multiple Warehouses

We have warehouses full of competitively priced, quality PVF products.  However, it is our second to none service that is delivered with every order that keeps our customers coming back each week with their orders.